OMF 2011

What Elisa and I have been up to this past year.



  1. Hennie Been · · Reply

    The best part of the video is
    “I feel freedom” including that great smile. ha

  2. Aidos said a lot of awesome things in his interview. I’ll try to put up some short videos with their individual interviews soon. Thanks for commenting, Hennie!

  3. Terri · · Reply

    What a wonderful video to showcase how you’ve helped people! Not just strictly in scripture but that and also how you’ve shown them that religion is a whole life experience and can be fun and freeing as well as powerful and guiding. Everyone looks so happy & regardless of how you or anyone else chooses to do it, spreading joy is ALWAYS a worthy cause. Great job to Scott & Elisa & everyone else involved!

  4. Shannon · · Reply

    You have to make sure to make it to Poplar Bluff and show everyone in my church!

    1. I would love to! Just let me know details of when you’d want me.

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