Dreaming Free of Fear

All semester at our bi-weekly One More Friend Gatherings, we’ve been talking about the theme of “Living Free and Dreaming Big.” We’d come to realize that most of the students don’t have dreams for their lives beyond a) get a job so I can make a lot of money and have lots of nice stuff, b) get married, and c) have kids. Not that those things are inherently bad, but we want them to have dreams inspired by God. Each Gathering, one of our team has been sharing a testimony of a dream God’s given us. Here’s mine. I edited out most of the Russian translation (although Malik, my translator did a fantastic job), so that’s why it might seem a bit choppy. Enjoy.


One comment

  1. gary parsons · · Reply

    That was an amazing reveal of fear. From the sound of clapping the audience seemed to fully understand your message. You make me proud.
    Thank you Malik. Great team work.

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