Everyone loves videos! Below are videos from both the ministry I’m involved with here in the States and the one I helped start in Central Asia.


Mizzou International Students 2011-2012 gives a look at what the international outreach looks like at Mizzou and the impact that my wife and I made in our first year there.

Central Asia

OMF 2011 features testimonies and video of the students we impacted during our second year in Central Asia.

OMF 2011 (In Their Own Words) is just the testimonies of Central Asian students from the 2010-2011 school year.

Student testimonies gives you a brief overview of the ministry, include several student interviews where they talk about how Jesus has changed them.

Student perceptions of Jesus is me sharing about how much (or rather, how little) the students I encountered knew about Jesus.

About Central Asia is my understanding of the student religious climate in Central Asia. It might not be what you expect! (It wasn’t what I expected.)

A couple students is me sharing about a couple of the students we impacted this past year.

KGB is the story of two different students: one who found faith, oddly enough, through the KGB, and the other who is in the process of coming to faith because of the radical transformation Jesus performed in someone’s life.

Orphanage shares about the special-needs orphanage I volunteer at and how I’m helping to change the orphanage system there.

Learning to Be the Church is a short video of how we’re trying to guide the new believers into embracing what it is to be the Church.

Dreaming Free of Fear  is a sermon I gave about the importance of not letting fear drive our decisions. 

Wedding is a two-part video of my recent wedding, which my wife and I decided to do here in Central Asia out of our great love for the region!

Silly Videos

We made lots of ridiculous videos while in Central Asia. Here are a few:

Save the Dogs!


Women’s Day


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