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The Gates of Hell

The crazy beginning of the year season has begun. Evidently, we’re going to do amazing things for Jesus this year because we’ve already had opposition from Satan… or at least the Grad School. At the beginning of the fall semester, the Graduate School has a resource fair where student organizations like Chi Alpha can set […]

Class In Session… Soon

Summer—at least summer break from school—is nearly over. Not only that, but the long season of waiting called pregnancy is nearly done, too. Right around the same time students will be opening their text books for the first time (ha! students reading their text books! see what I did there?), Dino will be coming into […]

Journalism Class Project

Early last semester, a Chinese journalism student who had been coming around our various Chi Alpha events began doing a story on us for her class. Here’s the finished result (although the end was accidentally cut off when she gave it to me). If you’ve watched some of the other videos I’ve posted, you’ll recognize […]

The End Isn’t All

I have a confession to make. I hope you won’t think less of me for it. Gather round because I don’t want too many people to hear.   I don’t remember when I “got saved.” I mean, I remember that I started going to church on a weekly basis when I was in middle school […]

English Club Potluck

A couple Thai students enjoying the delicious food! We had English Club, too! I promise we didn’t just eat! The guy is from Thailand and cooked a delicious pad thai for us. Thanks! The lady on the far right is Linda, a retired professor who offered to lead the English Club during the summer. Thanks […]

Jesus isn’t taking a summer vacation

Even though it’s summer, the international community in Columbia is stilling humming along. I was on the fence about doing an English club during the summer because I knew it’d be a lot of work preparing for it every week and I wasn’t sure how the payoff would be. But it’s been amazing! We’ve done […]

Dangerous Grace

You know, you can hear a story so many times that it can begin to lose some of its force. Let me demonstrate: A man had two sons. One preemptively took his inheritance, only to swiftly fritter it away on wild living. Finding himself living in squalor, he returned home, hoping his father might humble […]