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Oliver: Hostage of Italy!

As I mentioned in my last post, Elisa and Oliver recently travelled to Italy to visit her family. We were quite worried about Elisa traveling with a newborn without me. Little did we know that was the least of our concerns. What Elisa discovered when she reached border control in Italy floored her. According to […]

Viva l’Italia, Oliver!

On Monday, Elisa and Oliver will travel to Italy for about three weeks to introduce Ollie to her side of the family. (Being able to cuddle with him isn’t the same over Skype.) I know it will be tough to be without them for that long, but we felt like it was the wisest financial […]

Four Weeks In

Welp. Being a dad is pretty exhausting. Oliver turned four weeks old yesterday. He is freaking adorable: Elisa, Oliver and our friend Emily, visiting at our apartment I drink a lot of coffee now. Well… still. But even more now. I’m so in love with this little chunker who is growing so fast. He eats […]

Blank Slates?

We see a lot of Catholic school kids come by our Summer Welcome table every summer. And by come by, I mean walk by. Perhaps it’s because our group is primarily made up of Protestants (i.e., non-Catholics), but I don’t think that’s it. Typically, when they stop long enough to talk, they talk about how […]


I studied advertising in college. Working in ministry, I don’t often get the chance to use my degree. But every summer I get a great chance in the form of Summer Welcome. Incoming students from all over the country stream in for a couple days to get to know the campus, and one of their […]

Much To Be Thankful For

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, Elisa and I, along with our friend Chelle, ran in races in Kansas City. Elisa ran a 10k, the longest race she’d ever run. I ran a half marathon, also the longest race I’d ever run, in 1 hour 47 minutes, about 8:13 minutes/mile pace, which I was really happy with […]

New Birth

Ministry for the fall school year officially kick off on Monday (although the nine hour staff meeting yesterday may offer a compelling counterpoint). I’ve been preparing for it the last couple weeks, so I don’t have a lot to add her ministerially. But I DO have something to add personally. I’d like to introduce you […]