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SALT Conference

It was a rewarding, but tiring, winter break. I thoroughly enjoyed staying home with Oliver, but have a newfound appreciation for ┬ástay-at-home parents! Elisa, Oliver and I were also able to see my family for Christmas and visited Chicago for the first time. The 75 students who came to Salt The semester is now up […]

A very merry Thanks-mas party!

The Friday before Thanksgiving we held our annual Chi Alpha Internationals (XAi) Holiday Dinner, which is basically the most amazing holiday ever. It combines Thanksgiving and Christmas into one glorious night! A couple American volunteers along with girls from Italy, Russia, and Japan We begin with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, complete with turkey, ham, mashed […]

Viva l’Italia, Oliver!

On Monday, Elisa and Oliver will travel to Italy for about three weeks to introduce Ollie to her side of the family. (Being able to cuddle with him isn’t the same over Skype.) I know it will be tough to be without them for that long, but we felt like it was the wisest financial […]

Four Weeks In

Welp. Being a dad is pretty exhausting. Oliver turned four weeks old yesterday. He is freaking adorable: Elisa, Oliver and our friend Emily, visiting at our apartment I drink a lot of coffee now. Well… still. But even more now. I’m so in love with this little chunker who is growing so fast. He eats […]


I studied advertising in college. Working in ministry, I don’t often get the chance to use my degree. But every summer I get a great chance in the form of Summer Welcome. Incoming students from all over the country stream in for a couple days to get to know the campus, and one of their […]

Sermon: Sharing Jesus Unexpectedly

For those of you who don’t know, a couple years ago I was working as a missionary associate in Kazakhstan to help start a Chi Alpha at a college there. One of the first weeks that I was there, I was walking around campus trying to listen to the Holy Spirit to direct me to […]

Finish Strong

My team leader in Kazakhstan liked to teach us a variety of memorable phrases, which he called Kingdom Principles, like “the Kingdom of God is founded in relationships” or “be available.” The last one he taught us at the end of our first year there was “finish strong.” That idea, that if you fizzle out […]