SALT Conference

It was a rewarding, but tiring, winter break. I thoroughly enjoyed staying home with Oliver, but have a newfound appreciation for  stay-at-home parents! Elisa, Oliver and I were also able to see my family for Christmas and visited Chicago for the first time.

Our Chi Alpha Group at the SALT ConferenceThe 75 students who came to Salt

The semester is now up and running! We began by attending the regional Salt conference in Des Moines with over 800 Chi Alpha students from the Great Plains Region.

We brought about 75 students, including 7 international students from China, Indonesia, Japan, and the Ivory Coast.

 We attended worship services with a couple excellent speakers, along with breakout sessions (classes) on a variety of topics. I personally attended one on outreach to Muslims and another on International Student Ministry. Many of our students attended sessions on building a healthy Chi Alpha community, which has recently been a key area of how we feel God wants to strengthen our group.

International Student MeetingA former international student from Kenya, now director of International Student Ministries at Missouri State, shares with international students

I was able to spend some good time with a few of our international guys this weekend, too, including praying with several of them for direction and for freedom from sin. Two of our international girls who came (from China and Japan) made good steps closer to Christ, too!

A student dressed as a Mizzou SuperfanAn Indonesian student with the winner of the “Superfan” competition. Yeah, he’s a Mizzou Tiger!

The weekend was a ton of fun, too.

Our group won the “Superfan” competition, not surprisingly given the picture above.

We didn’t win the dance-off though. I was also not surprised about that.

Now, back in Columbia, we’re planning to harness the momentum we feel from the conference and put it into growing and reaching out this semester. God has great things in store for Mizzou!


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