Viva l’Italia, Oliver!

On Monday, Elisa and Oliver will travel to Italy for about three weeks to introduce Ollie to her side of the family. (Being able to cuddle with him isn’t the same over Skype.) I know it will be tough to be without them for that long, but we felt like it was the wisest financial decision on top of being nearly three times as long as going during the Christmas break.


Oliver looking ultra hip


Oliver and his mamma cooking

I look forward to doing a lot of sleeping through the night while they’re gone. :D

But honestly, Oliver’s been a really good sleeper the last few weeks. It’s helped me to not feel too overwhelmed during the last several weeks of Chi Alpha activity.


One of our services flooded with pink XA shirts, raising close to $600 for breast cancer research

One of the big events of late was the completion of my five-week Introduction to Christianity class. It was pretty tough trying to figure out what I wanted to teach during that time—and I’m still not sure I got it right—but I was really happy with the result of around five Chinese students getting plugged into Bible studies and one even becoming a Christian and getting baptized this past Monday.

The goal and hope of the class wasn’t to try to teach everything there is to know about being a Christian, but to teach some basics so international students would have their interests piqued to pursue Jesus more through small group Bible studies. That definitely seemed to be a success.


Some of the students involved in my English Club who I hope will join the Intro to Christianity class

I’m going to try to do another round of the class this semester, but I fear we have exhausted thee students we’re directly connected with who are ready and willing to check out the class. Could you please pray that God would bring more students to our class this upcoming Thursday? And of course pray for Elisa and Oliver to have safe and peaceful travels on Monday. Thank you.


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