Four Weeks In


Being a dad is pretty exhausting.

Oliver turned four weeks old yesterday. He is freaking adorable:


Elisa, Oliver and our friend Emily, visiting at our apartment

I drink a lot of coffee now. Well… still. But even more now. I’m so in love with this little chunker who is growing so fast. He eats upwards of 5oz of milk at a time! (Which apparently is a lot. I’m learning.) Elisa has been so good with him. Last week was my first full week back to work and Elisa has been doing great. She’s really an all-star. All the mid-night feedings and diaper changes. She’s just amazing. Fortunately, my mom also came to help us out with the transition last week.

Definitely the most surprising thing is the energy that God has given me when I help feed him at 3am. Once I’m up, I feel completely alert. Of course, around 5pm, I’m really lagging, which is when that liquid energy comes into play.

As for Chi Alpha, God has reminded me that it’s really God’s ministry and not mine. I showed up to my first English Club (which I lead for international students to help them with English, naturally, but also to get plugged into other Chi Alpha activities) and there were 27 international students and five Chi Alpha helpers! Wow! God is faithful!

This weekend we also had our annual fall retreat:


Bonding through a hilarious game called “Bang the Pot”


Worshiping. Nearly 90 students came, including four international students


Saturday afternoon fun with “blind kickball”


Our guest speaker, a former missionary to Jamaica, brought some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (retail: $60/lb in the US), and, since this is a college ministry, we made the students do silly things to get some of the delicious beans. Here, a student drinks pickle juice. College students…

But the weekend was a great time of growing deeper in Christ. We saw students experience freedom from comparing themselves to others: a shy twin felt freed from trying to live up to her charismatic twin brother. Another girl felt freed from a compulsion she’s had for years to pull out her hair when stressed. Others found forgiveness for family members who had wronged them or abandoned them. Several students experienced the baptism in the Holy Spirit. It was amazing weekend of growth.

From Oliver to the students in Chi Alpha, God continues to show Himself faithful.

imageJust for fun: Oliver “praising Jesus” in his sleep


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