The Gates of Hell

The crazy beginning of the year season has begun. Evidently, we’re going to do amazing things for Jesus this year because we’ve already had opposition from Satan… or at least the Grad School. At the beginning of the fall semester, the Graduate School has a resource fair where student organizations like Chi Alpha can set up a table. This year when I called to reserve a table, I was given the disheartening news that “because there isn’t enough space for every religious organization to have a table, no one can.” Instead there would be one table with everyone’s information on it. In other words, beyond useless.

But we serve a God of resurrection, right? We ended up reserving a table at a different location on campus. As a result, we not only got MORE contacts then ever before (100+), the majority of them were freshman who will be here for four years! Graduate students, i.e., the ones at the Graduate resource fair, are usually busier and are only here for two years. Praise Jesus! The gates of hell will not prevail against Your church!

On top of that, here’s an amazing story from one new student: A Malaysian student came to our table very excited. She’s a Christian, and on her flight to the US she began talking with a man sitting next to her who was reading his Bible. She mentioned that she was going to attend Mizzou and the man said, “When I was in college, I was involved in this great group called Chi Alpha and I think Mizzou has one. You should look for it.” The girl arrived at Mizzou by taxi and, thanks to the Grad School, our table was the first thing she saw!

Please continue to pray that God will set up amazing opportunities to meet and connect with international students who are ready to learn more about Jesus/really need to meet loving friends while so far from home.

David with a new Chinese student

David interacting with a new Chinese student

Standing in the rain

Fortunately the rain came after we’d talked to most of the students

Campus Tour

Helping new students with a campus tour

International friends

Me and students from (L-R) Turkey, the US, France, France, Brazil, and Serbia


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