Class In Session… Soon

Summer—at least summer break from school—is nearly over. Not only that, but the long season of waiting called pregnancy is nearly done, too. Right around the same time students will be opening their text books for the first time (ha! students reading their text books! see what I did there?), Dino will be coming into the world.

As such, I’ve been frantically trying to prepare for the beginning of the school year when I won’t be able to be as present as I normally am.

The first weeks of classes are some of the most crucial for a campus ministry. The best evidence: if you look at the students that are actively involved in Chi Alpha (XA) now, you will rarely find a student who didn’t get plugged in during the commencement of the fall or spring semesters.

One of the things that I’m most excited about is an introduction to Christianity class I’ll teach for XA this fall. As the international ministry has grown, we’ve been integrating it into the ministry as a whole. It’s not an “add-on” anymore, but a central part of what XA does.

We came to realize that having a separate internationals-only Bible study didn’t fit with that vision.

Instead, I’m going to lead two four-week classes each semester going over some of the basics of the faith, helping to pique international’s interest and, hopefully, direct them then to connect with the more inclusive Bible studies we hold weekly.

Ah, but what are the basics of the faith that I should share?

That’s the question. Should I try to include the whole sweep of scripture from Adam through Noah, Abraham to Moses, Solomon and David and Job and Isaiah, Jesus to Peter and Paul and John?

This is four weeks, man!

Obviously, we just need to hit the highlights. But which highlights? Creation, fall, redemption, restoration? God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Church? Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus?

I’m not sure. That’s why I’ve been interviewing some of the Chinese Christians the past couple weeks about what they think I should include. I’ve gotten helpful insights, but I still need prayer.

Would you pray for me these weeks as I finish writing these classes?

I believe that they can serve as an amazing way to help better direct those international students who are most open to the Gospel to get connected with His people, the church in Chi Alpha. I’m excited to share with you how this new direction transforms students’ lives!


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