I studied advertising in college. Working in ministry, I don’t often get the chance to use my degree. But every summer I get a great chance in the form of Summer Welcome. Incoming students from all over the country stream in for a couple days to get to know the campus, and one of their stops is an activity fair where Chi Alpha has a booth. That’s where my advertising prowess comes in.

I love drawing new people in. It’s wonderful when I see that spark of interest come into their eyes as I share about the ways God has moved in our group or even just about the fun activities we put on, like our annual root beer keggar.

This past Thursday was my first time for the summer. It felt good, like getting back on a bike after a long break. One of the most incredible things happened there—I met two sets of twins, one individual twin, and one individual triplet! It was fantastic. Just think of what it’d be like if they all got involved!

Of course, all those multiples also got me thinking about what it would be like if our little baby were hiding a brother behind him. Or two!

Babies are definitely on our minds lately. Last night, we practiced labor breathing. We’ve been hunting for a birthing ball… unsuccessfully. We even went to a baby CPR class tonight. Just three months to go! Just in time for all the multiple to join Chi Alpha!

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