Finish Strong

My team leader in Kazakhstan liked to teach us a variety of memorable phrases, which he called Kingdom Principles, like “the Kingdom of God is founded in relationships” or “be available.” The last one he taught us at the end of our first year there was “finish strong.”

That idea, that if you fizzle out at the end no one will remember any of the good that came before, is one that the Chi Alpha here at Mizzou and Columbia College really takes to heart. This past weekend we had our annual final banquet where we honor the outgoing seniors and affirm one another and God for all the good that’s happened over the last year. Here’s a photo of Elisa, baby, and me dressed to the nines:


For many, this could easily be the time when you sit back and just coast until Fall rolls around. But not for our students or our ministry.

At the final banquet, a freshman girl who is joining our student leadership team this fall led her sorority sister to Christ! Then, last night, we held our final service of the semester. It was a musical worship service with no preaching, but despite the lack of a sermon, at least four students, including a Chinese girl, gave their lives to Christ!

Jesus is so good! He’s not coasting. He is the shepherd who knows there are still more missing sheep out there and He continues to draw them in. This semester is finishing strong, and there are only greater things ahead!


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