This is not the end

It’s almost the end of the year… and one of the things this year was certainly marked by was “the end.” All year long, the end of the Mayan calendar was spoken of, mostly in sarcasm, as the end of the world. TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies like The Hunger Games featured post-apocalyptic futures. And then disasters like Hurricane Sandy and seemingly endless mass shootings seemed to point towards the decay of creation and morals we so often associate with the end of things.

I’m spending my end of the year at The World Missions Summit conference with over 5,000 Chi Alpha students from around the nation. Coincidentally, the opening speaker, a missionary in the Arab world, spoke from Matthew 24:3-14, a passage that points to “the end.” The end, Jesus says, will be marked by many disasters and wars, as we’ve come to expect. However, the most unequivocally clear thing that Jesus says regarding the end is found in verse 14: “And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.” While the end may come like a thief in the night, Jesus has made us at least partial partners in bringing about His glorious return. Our role is to preach the Gospel to every people group.

As someone who ministers to international students, this is especially poignant. There are currently 6 internationals with us at the conference. (Our group brought around 70 students altogether.) One student is Mongolian, one South Korean, one Mongolian and three are Chinese. After hearing testimonies of international students who not only came to faith during their time with Chi Alpha, but who then decided to become missionaries themselves, it was clear to my why I do what I do. I don’t just minister to internationals for their own sakes. They are one link in the beautiful chain of salvation that extends back to Jesus Himself. These students will return to their own countries (or even be called to minister elsewhere!) to be a voice crying out proclaiming Jesus to those who have never heard of Him. I can’t be in all countries, even if I wanted to be. But through these students, the Gospel can be preached throughout the whole world.

And then the end will come.

Thank you for your loving prayers and financial support this past year, without which the Kingdom could not have been impacted as it has. May the Lord return soon and may we continue to be faithful to His call to reach those who have never heard.

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