Thanksgiving Week Photos

During Thanksgiving break, Linda, a wonderful lady who volunteers to lead English Club every week, put on two sweet activities for several of the internationals who were still in town. (Many choose to travel to places like Florida, New York City, and Las Vegas during break.) Below are pictures from a trip they took to the state capital, Jefferson City. There were students from China, Hong Kong, Iran and Syria represented.

In front of the Capitol Building in Jefferson City

Eating ice cream at Central Dairy in Jefferson City

At a nature center in Jefferson City

Touching a snake at the nature center

The day after Thanksgiving, Linda graciously opened her home to the students, giving them a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

Before dinner at Linda’s house

Playing games

A student from Syria beholds the turkey! Yum!

A student from Hong Kong holds the turkey

A Chinese student (who regularly attends my Bible study, but isn’t a Christian… yet) with the turkey

A Chinese student enjoying the porch swing after dinner with Linda’s husband

It was a wonderful experience for all involved! Thanks Linda and all those who put this on!

(Photos were taken from Facebook, courtesy of one of the students, “Alan,” and a friend of Linda’s who helped named Sondra Head Drennen Wassmann.)

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