Alpha Weeks (Part 2)

A Chinese girl hula hoops and flashes the camera the peace signAt our “Fiesta,” which was for both Americans and internationals, we served nachos, going through 45 lbs. of beef in less than two hours. We played several games, including a hula hoop contest. I can get about three hulas in before my hoop hits the ground, so I took pictures. We also gave out several gift cards to local businesses, and the grand prize, a $100 gift card to the MU Bookstore, was won by the Chinese girl above.

A group of students play full-body rock, paper, scissorsFull-body rock, paper, scissors was another fun game at the Fiesta. Above, an American student and a Taiwanese student tie each other, both doing paper.

A long line of students waiting to get chicken at the International PicnicAt our Chi Alpha Internationals Picnic, we had a great turnout, as this line going all the way tot he street indicates. We served popular American foods like fried chicken, macaroni & cheese and baked beans.

A Chinese Christian, helps several new Chinese students fill out contact cardsMichael, the Chinese Christian on the far right, was a big help, getting contact information from the huge line of students who attended the picnic.

Several male international students try to win the popsicle eating contestI was impressed with how into the popsicle eating contest the male international students got. (The female ones… not so much.) The student on the far left is a Christian from Indonesia who came to my first Bible study last week. The yellow-shirted student in the middle, from Hong Kong, was one of the winners of two bicycles we gave away at the end of the picnic. Many international students can’t afford cars, so bicycles are a great way to bless them!

Several male international students stuff marshmallows into their mouths during chubby bunny“Chubby Bunny!” At least that’s what the student in the middle, from Afghanistan, tried to say. The internationals must think that the only games Americans play are eating-based ones!

Several Chinese students gather into a group during the game Bang the PotWe played a fun game called “Bang the Pot” where the students had to gather into groups of the number of times I banged on a pot with a wooden spoon. It was definitely one of the most popular games. Cherry, the Chinese student above left, was one of the students who came to follow Jesus last year.

A Malaysian student smashes a frozen t-shirt against a trash canThe frozen t-shirt contest is always funny. We wrap a t-shirt up tight, dip it in water and then put it in the freezer. The students have to try to unwrap it, the winner being the first one to get it on. It usually takes 5 minutes or so, but the above Malaysian student figured out a brilliant plan of smashing it against the trash can. He got it on in a minute and a half, probably the fast in all the years we’ve been playing this game.

A Malaysian student wins the Frozen T-Shirt Contest in record timeHere he his, celebrating his success. I promise he’s a very nice guy, despite this face.

A Chinese girl chats with Elisa outside the Root Beer KeggarOur final event of Alpha Weeks was a Root Beer Keggar. We bought two kegs of root beer and hung out at the Chi Alpha House. Since it was on a Saturday night, Elisa was able to attend. She connected well with this Chinese girl, especially since the girl had a fox on her phone case.

A Chinese girl and her American roommate play root beer pongRoot beer pong. Yup. More importantly the girls above are one of the best examples of my heart for the future of Chi Alpha Internationals: these two girls, the one on the left an international from China, the one on the right American, are now roommates because they were conversation partners last year. I want the bond between the Americans and the internationals to be so great that it’s only natural that we’d have all kinds of Americans living with international students next year. The Kingdom of God doesn’t look like uniformity, it looks like diversity. Pray Jesus for what He’s doing on our campus!


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