Alpha Weeks (Part 1)

A campus missionary and a Chinese student prepare the contact table for the Graduate Activities FairThe first event that kicked off our “Alpha Weeks” (the week before school starts and the first week during which we do lots of events to make new contacts with students) was the Graduate Activities Fair. Many international students come to this since most internationals are grad students. Above, a couple staff members and a Chinese Christian student help set up our contact table.

A group shot of Scott and 4 Brazilian studentsI volunteered for a few things during the afternoon of Mizzou’s International Student Orientation (getting me this sweet shirt!). I met a cool group of Brazilians who were also volunteering.

A group of Chi Alpha students and staff help move a new Freshman into the dormsThe following two days, we helped new students move into their dorms. It’s one of the least fun things about college, so every year we try to make it as painless as possible.

Matt, a Chi Alpha student, puts Scott on a dollyWe made sure to take a little time for fun during move-in, though.

Elisa talks with several German students at the intercollegiate International PicnicOne of the most enjoyable events was an international picnic put on by Mizzou, Columbia College and MACC, where Elisa works as an international advisor. It was fun that Elisa and I both were at the same event for our different jobs. Above, Elisa spoke with two German students.

Several international students wait at Mizzou's columns to go get ice creamOne night during the week before classes, I organized a trip downtown to get ice cream. We gathered at the famous Mizzou columns, since that’s one of the only places students who had been in the US for less than a week would be able to find. The students above are from Malaysia, Indonesia and Turkey. Diversity!

Several international girls choose their ice cream flavors at Sparky's, a local ice cream shopWe went to two ice cream parlors. This one, Sparky’s, is my favorite because they have lots of interesting homemade flavors, like Dr. Pepper or the Harry Potter-inspired Butter Beer.

A Chi Alpha staff member talks to students at our popsicle giveaway contact eventAnother way we make new contacts with students is by giving away popsicles. I had to explain to most international students what popsicles are. My best explanation? “Frozen juice that you chew.”

Three Chinese students enjoy their hamburgers at the BBQOur next big event was our BBQ/Volleyball Tournament. A few Chinese students above, who had played Ultimate Frisbee with me earlier that week, enjoyed it quite a bit.

Several teams participate in the volleyball tournament at the Chi Alpha BBQWe had 30-some-odd teams play in the volleyball tournament. 3-400 hundred students came and for the first time ever we ran out of food. It was crazy and fantastic!

Check out the next post, “Alpha Weeks (Part 2),” for more fun photos from the beginning of the school year!


  1. You are amazing and God is using you in such an impacting way more and more every year. I look forward to see what this whole year will be looking like! You are so appreciated and loved!

    1. Thanks, amore! You’re such an encouragement. None of this would be possible without you.

  2. David Parsons · · Reply

    Hey, Scott! I gave my sister your e- mail and blog info, so if you see a post from Karen Biggs, that’s her! We’re praying for your ministry at chuch! David

    1. Thanks, David! I really, really appreciate it.

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