Monthly Archives: September 2012

Retreating Forward

To be honest, I’m a closet worrier. As a generally laid-back guy, I put on a good front, but when it comes to ministry, I need to practice Lamaze-style breathing. Even though at this time last year I’d only been here a week or two, I’ve recently been worrying that I haven’t been doing enough. […]

Alpha Weeks (Part 2)

At our “Fiesta,” which was for both Americans and internationals, we served nachos, going through 45 lbs. of beef in less than two hours. We played several games, including a hula hoop contest. I can get about three hulas in before my hoop hits the ground, so I took pictures.¬†We also gave out several gift […]

Alpha Weeks (Part 1)

The first event that kicked off our “Alpha Weeks” (the week before school starts and the first week during which we do lots of events to make new contacts with students) was the Graduate Activities Fair. Many international students come to this since most internationals are grad students. Above, a couple staff members and a […]