New Birth

Ministry for the fall school year officially kick off on Monday (although the nine hour staff meeting yesterday may offer a compelling counterpoint). I’ve been preparing for it the last couple weeks, so I don’t have a lot to add her ministerially. But I DO have something to add personally. I’d like to introduce you to my brand new nephew: Noah Christopher!

Oh my gosh! Isn’t he the most beautiful baby in the world? He was born last Sunday at around 2 in the morning.

I love the way he’s got his hand thrown back behind his head. And check out his amazing hair! The first photograph was taken by my sister Tara, who’s a professional photographer. All others were taken by God’s Image Photography, which you should hire if you need a fantastic children’s photographer!

Look at that cute little smile! I love my nephew!


As I exult in the new birth of my nephew, I’m also excited about the new birth that’s going to take place on the college campuses here in Columbia. Over the next two weeks there will be several events where we’ll attempt to make good connections with new students. The beginning of the school year is when most students decide what organizations they’re going to be involved in, so please pray for our “Alpha Week” events as you’re able.

  • Monday, August 13th: International Student Orientation, where we’ll share about our group, Chi Alpha Internationals, with incoming international students
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, August 14th & 15th: Move-In, where we’ll demonstrate the love of Christ by helping students, mostly incoming Freshman, move their possessions into their dorms
  • Friday, August 17th: Popsicle Giveaway, where we’ll make new contacts through giving away delicious popsicles to cool them off on this hot August day
  • Saturday, August 18th: BBQ & Volleyball tournament. One of the best events for us to connect with new students, since many hang around eating and talking while waiting for their volleyball team’s turn to play
  • Tuesday, August 21st: Fiesta, where we’ll have Mexican food and play lots of fun games that draw students in. This has actually been the event with the biggest turnout in recent years
  • Friday, August 24th: XAi Picnic. This event is key! It’s our biggest way to connect with internationals at the beginning of the year. We have food, games and prizes, including two bicycles. Please pray that we make great connections here!
  • Saturday, August 25th: Root Beer Keggar, where we specifically invite those new students we’ve made connections with over the past two weeks. We play root beer pong and develop relationships
  • Finally, Tuesday, August 28th: First worship service of the semester. We’re praying that we’ll have such a turnout that we’ll have to go to two services for the rest of the semester. Pray with us!

Thank you for your prayers and support! May God give new life to many students this year!



  1. Gary Parsons · · Reply

    Wow! You have a very busy schedule in front of you with a wonderful partner to introduce the Word.

  2. David Parsons · · Reply

    What a beautiful baby boy! Looks like the Parsons’ family, for sure!
    congrats, Tara! David and Diane

  3. It’s definitely going to be super busy, but I’m sure God will provide me with supernatural endurance. I’ll just remember all those those long cross-country runs and it’ll seem super easy.

    Noah is beautiful! Elisa said that if you put a beard and glasses on him, he’ll look like me. So VERY beautiful. ;]

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