Jesus isn’t taking a summer vacation

Even though it’s summer, the international community in Columbia is stilling humming along. I was on the fence about doing an English club during the summer because I knew it’d be a lot of work preparing for it every week and I wasn’t sure how the payoff would be. But it’s been amazing! We’ve done it for two weeks now, and there have been around ten each time, many of them new faces. I’ve been praying for God to bring more of the nations to Chi Alpha (XA) so that we’re truly international (and not just Americans and Chinese). Guess what? He answered! Three Chinese students… but also three Koreans, three Thai, and a Syrian girl. Next week, we’re having a pot luck dinner during our English club. Yum!

I want to highlight one girl in particular—I’ll call her Ashley. She’s from China, and Elisa’s really been connecting with her well. They read the Bible a lot this past semester, and while she’s not a Christian (yet), the Lord’s working in great ways in her heart. She writes messages to Elisa, saying things like, “Jesus always takes care of us.” She’s also become a huge cheerleader for XA. She’s brought her roommate to summer XA worship service the past two weeks. At the last English club, she invited a Chinese girl she’d just met to come to worship the following night. She ran into another Chinese girl who’d come to worship sporadically last semester and brought her along to service last night. It’s amazing how God’s moving in her! Think how big our churches would be if even half the Christians were as excited about Jesus as Ashley is!

Speaking of Ashley’s roommate (I’ll call her Holly), she recently shared something with Elisa during the prayer time at the end of last night’s service. She’s a visiting scholar, which means that she’s doing research in one of the departments at Mizzou, and it also means that she’s a little older than most of the students who come to XA. She said that when she was in China, she prayed to Buddha that her daughter would do well and pass an important exam. Afterwards, she passed very well. However, since coming to the US, she’s met many Christians who have been so kind to her and to other Chinese students that it’s making her question what she believes. She told Elisa that she’s praying to God for Him to show her which way is right. Please pray with Holly that Jesus will reveal to her that He truly is the Living God!

God is good and God is moving! Please keep the internationals on Mizzou’s and Columbia College’s campuses in your prayers. Even though it’s summer, Jesus doesn’t take a semester off; He’s still transforming lives here in Columbia!


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