Girls’ Retreat 2012

This week’s post is a done by Elisa, sharing about her amazing experience at girls’ retreat!

Chi Alpha Girls’ Retreat 2012: Redefined — Osage Beach, MO

After playing games to get to know each other better, some of us dedicated ourselves to girlier activities. Liu, an international student, is having her nails done by Shanae.

Yes, you saw right! We are just crazy!

And we love smiling!

Surprisingly, this American word game was won by two international students!

When boys aren’t around, we act silly (and we also eat a lot!).

After spending the afternoon with Jesus, we get ready for service.

Worthless: false. Child of God: true.

 Breakfast and bubbles

We had so much fun, we got to know each other better, and to deepen our relationships with Jesus. Sandy, in the middle, also became a believer this weekend!

All photos were taken by Elisa, except the last one, taken by Dylan.


  1. Looks like the girls had an awesome time. What a wonderful act of fellowship!

  2. Beautiful!

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