Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us. A time for the Macy’s parade, for pumpkin pie, stuffing and turkey-induced comas. It’s a time for family and for remembering all the blessings we have that we should be thankful for. And we have much to be thankful for.

Last Friday, we held the annual International Student Thanksgiving/Christmas banquet. Several of the Chi Alpha staff members (not me, I’m still a padawan learner in the kitchen) made an aMAZing dinner of all the typical Thanksgiving trappings… and Chinese dumplings brought by one student, haha! Some of the students were a little tentative at first, but after tasting the food, there were a lot of seconds and thirds. Later in the evening, during the Christmas portion of the evening, we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, made Christmas sugar cookies, and decorated a Christmas tree. It was a ton of fun. But before those things, as we ate our pumpkin cobbler, James, the director of International Student Friendship, shared the Christmas story from Luke. We bowed our heads to pray at the end, and James asked if anyone wanted to become like the shepherds in the story, worshipping Jesus as God and King. Two hands went up! I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for the new brother and sister that are a part of our family! They’re both Chinese (man, Chinese people love Jesus!). One comes to the international Bible study and the other is an English conversation partner and has been coming to our weekly worship service recently. Please pray that they continue and grow in their faith and discipleship.

Speaking of family… I have even more good news! Elisa finally got her visa this morning! She’ll be here on Saturday evening! Praise God! He has blessed us with so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?


One comment

  1. Yaaaaaay! What awesome news!!! (both the chinese students loving jesus AND Elisa coming, hehe).

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