Beautiful Things

I don’t know about you, but I believe God can speak to us through prayer. Like, instead of me just talking to Him, I think He can speak back. I’m not always the best at it, but it’s something I try to do. Every Monday, Chi Alpha has group prayer where we’ll share testimonies of God’s work in our lives, sing worship songs, and prayer for specific needs in the ministry and on campus. At the end, we always leave time for the Lord to speak to us, and then we share what we feel God’s placed on our hearts. (It’s pretty awesome, and I totally recommend you do it with people you love.)

Tonight, during that section of prayer, several people, including myself, felt God laying similar things on our hearts. What was amazing was that what we shared had nothing to do with what we’d previously prayed about or sung about; it was completely from God. Two people shared about visions of a single rose or a bouquet of roses standing out from all the other roses. They and another student spoke about God’s particular love—not general love, as though that sort of thing really even exists—a particular love for each and every one of us as individuals and for all of us as the people of God. We are beautiful in God’s eyes.

God was echoing that in my heart.

He reminded me of Peter stepping out onto the water and walking towards Jesus. He began to sink, and we often say, “Ah, he lost his faith in Jesus.” But I don’t think that’s what happened. Jesus was just fine. Jesus was still standing on the water. Peter didn’t lose his faith in Jesus; he lost his faith in Jesus’ ability to work in Peter. I wonder how often we see God moving in others—whether it be in their intimacy with God, provision in desperate situations, or even miracles like healings—and we think, that’s great for them, but not for me. What we’re often saying in that is that we’re not as valuable as them. Not as beautiful in God’s eyes.

God was reminding us in these visions and words that He loves both all of us, and every single one of us. We are precious to Him and He is ready and willing to use us. Because we are beautiful to Him.

I can’t help but think of the international students I talk with everyday. We’re seeing God move in powerful ways in the students’ lives. I met with a girl today who regularly comes to Bible study, but missed last week for an exam, to go through what she missed. At the end, she told me that Jesus is becoming like a ghost to her, which doesn’t mean that she thinks He’s going to haunt her house or anything, but that He once was non-existent to her, but He’s becoming more and more real to her, and she can almost touch Him.

She’s from China, and, as the saying goes, “If you’re one in a million in China, there are 1,300 people exactly like you.” She and many other internationals are learning for the first time that there is a God that loves them particularly. They are beautiful to Him and He wants to use them. So are you, and God wants to use you, too. What impossible dreams have God laid on your heart that you didn’t God could use you to do?

Go do them, and go remind someone else of this wonderful truth.

Check out one of my new favorite worship songs to further remind you of this. It’s entitled “Beautiful Things.”


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