God’s Daughter

I wanted to share the following with you that Diane, our teammate who is remaining in Central Asia, wrote to us just yesterday. It’s evidence that the good work that God has begun in and through us will be carried on to completion! These are Diane’s words:

Thought I’d share another story with you all. It happened on Friday when K [a female Kazakh] was spending the night at my house.  We started just catching up about what happened over the summer, and she was talking to me about how her work was going, then she started sharing some things with me that blew my mind:  “At work I have the opportunity to share with people. They ask me, ‘Are you a Muslim or are you Christian?'” She just continues sharing her story, “…and I just tell them, ‘I don’t know. But I know that I believe that God is One, that Jesus is His Son, and that I am God’s daughter.'”  At this my jaw dropped, and I’m sure there was a mixture of extreme joy and surprise that flashed across my face; and she kept on sharing her story.  “At work I go around singing the Chris Tomlin songs I downloaded from the internet–I just love them!  Those songs and the prayers that I pray, they help me to stay connected to God when I’m not able to come to OMF.”

At this point in the conversation I started sharing about Jesus’ sacrifice, His death, salvation; and the cost to follow Him (that He wants every corner, drawer, and cupboard of our house; He wants us to serve Him for either no days of our life or all the days of our life–yet His heart is that all may come to know Him and have His forgiveness.)  As I was sharing, I asked her where she was on the journey to coming Jesus, she replied “I’m really close to Jesus. I prayed to Him to show me the way, and ever since then I have been walking in His way.”  I tried to ask if she was ready to follow Jesus everyday of her life and she said yes, she wants to follow Him!!  God is sooooo awesome! Before we went to sleep, we prayed together and just thanked God for our time; while we were praying I heard her pray “Thank you Jesus, for you are my life.” Beautiful huh?!

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  1. love it!!!!!

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