Greater Works

Jesus said that we would do even greater works than He did. Which, of course, to us sounds a bit ridiculous. I mean, c’mon Jesus, don’t you realize that You’re, like, Jesus?

But say it He did, and most of us agree that at least part of what He meant was that we, collectively, would do more things than what one man could do, even Jesus. So towards the end of Jesus’ ministry, we read of Him spending more and more time with the twelve, so that even on the night He was betrayed He didn’t stand on a hill teaching thousands, but spent it with the same eleven guys He’d been pouring into for the past few years (the twelfth was off doing something else, if I remember correctly). In the same way, as I begin this final semester that I’ll be here in Central Asia, I realize that I need to be intentional with those who have been FAT (Faithful, Available, and Teachable). That translates into three groups for us:

1) Our leadership team;
2) New believers;
3) Those who are particularly open to the Gospel or close to the Kingdom.

What that really means is being more attentive to my schedule–not merely meeting with every random person I meet on the bus who wants to improve his English, but primarily those who will be impacted most in these next six months. It’s definitely difficult for me–I mean, I should be able to do everything, right?–but it’s also necessary. For our leadership team, that means more intentional discipleship–meeting with them every week and giving them concrete goals to work towards. For the new believers, we’ve begun having meetings on Sunday afternoon to teach them the basics of the faith and to give them the tools they need to find good church fellowship in the future and to learn better how to “feed themselves” (to use a bit of Christianese). For those close to the Kingdom, it means more meals together, which works out really well for me because I just married an amazing cook, and it’s been great to already have people over at our new apartment to eat, play games, and talk about life and God.

The technical term for what I did is “marrying up”

Although this is my fourth, and possibly final semester here in Central Asia, it’s shaping up to be the best one. Greater works, indeed.


  1. That’s very decisive of you and a wise way to spend your last times there. I’m glad you are seeing that now – and that it is for the best. I can understand how it can be hard! I really relate to feeling like you should be able to do everything :). I know your intentionality with those key groups with be “greater!”

    I want that picture of you guys on my living room wall! I have just the spot for it.

  2. Well, if you want a higher quality version of it, let me know and I can email it to you. That one’s from Italy. We’re working on another one from the Kazakh wedding, too.

  3. Go, Parsons-Facetti!
    You are impacting many lives, but most important of all, you are leaving a huge mark in some people’s heart. And I hope you will always remember that to me and I think to many others, QUALITY is better than QUANTITY. It may sounds simple, but it’s true.

    You are so loved, and by so many.
    The amazing cook ;-)

    @Meredith: the picture must be 2X3 feet… otherwise it doesn’t look nice :-P

  4. Great blog in general of course, but I LOVE this pic of you two!

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