The Passion of China

Chinese people are some of the most intense people on the planet. And when they become intense for Jesus, it’s amazing. I have several Chinese friends who have just been blowing my mind recently. I spent over two hours a few days ago talking with one of them about different ideas of success. K* told me that his culture, his family and his friends all think that he should try to earn a lot of money and that’s how he’ll be successful; but he told me that he doesn’t care about money. He wants to change the world. Those who know me well know that talking about stuff like that is my bread and butter (or maybe a better analogy–my coffee).

Then, Thursday night, he and two of our other Chinese friends came to our Life Group Bible study. (It’s been dominating–we had 15 guys at our last one.) They showed up a little early and I* asked, “Where’s the book about Jesus?” My roommate Jon handed him a Bible, and I* looked at it. “Cool!”

I*’s roommate A* is a guy we’d met with only a few times last year, but could see that he was really close to the Kingdom. So close, in fact, that he brought us a gift: a Chinese Bible to give to the next Chinese person we met who didn’t know Jesus!

The three guys showed up a little early and some of the other early arrivals (not super common here, haha) were playing the Wii. A* turned to Jon and said, “Why are we playing games? We should be talking about Jesus!” Jon reassured him that we’d be starting soon.

At the end of our Life Group, we asked who would pray for one of the other students who had a need, and K*’s hand shot up. After we prayed, we asked who would want to lead next week’s Life Group (we’ve been faithfully allowing the students to lead the discussions this year on Luke and John) and, once again, K* volunteered.

Finally, after dinner last night, K* invited us back to his dormitory to meet the 80 Afghans who are studying at the university this year. After meeting them (and they were some of the friendliest people we’ve met here), K* kindly walked us back to the bus stop. As we walked, Jon asked K* how he thought people in Afghanistan hear about Jesus. K* started talking about the Afghans in the dorm, and Jon corrected him, “No, I mean Afghans in general.” K* looked thoughtful for a moment, and replied, “In general, I have no idea.” But you could see that his heart was beginning to think that–maybe–not only us Americans, but he too could share Jesus’ life with them.

These vignettes are just from the past few days. God is doing amazing things in the hearts of these students from China, and you can already see that their growing faith doesn’t just want a ticket into Heaven, but wants to share with others the beautiful story of Jesus that they’re beginning to walk in.

*Out of greater care for the students’ identities, I’m going to begin to use just the first initials of their names from now on.


  1. It is just so awesome how God is opening doors for you to be able to spread his word, and you and your team are already seeing fruits from your previous works. I am so proud of you. Keep up God’s work!

  2. gary parsons · · Reply

    You and your friends are filling peoples great thirst for the Word. Way to go!

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