Well, I’ve been back in Central Asia for almost a week now and already a lot has happened. The biggest and most obvious thing is that I arrived in time for Halloween. While most people don’t celebrate it here, they definitely know about it. Going to the local bazaar to look for a costume will basically only turn up lingerie with animal ears. Those college students who do celebrate Halloween typically wear this feral underwear to the nightclubs and don’t get candy so much as lots and lots of candy-flavored “adult beverages.”

Enter OMF. We had our own lingerie-free Halloween party (we really hoped it would be, and it was, haha) the day after I arrived. It was a great success. We had around 75 people there, many of whom I’d never met before (which is a good thing). There were many different games–throwing a football through a tire (my station–which is really funny for those who know my football skills), making caramel apples, taking pictures in front of an autumn backdrop (which Elisa did), a seed spitting contest, and more. Throughout the evening we had raffle giveaways and other games (most notably, “Will it float?” where we dropped random things from my apartment into a bucket of water). Overall, a very American Halloween party. The students loved it. I loved it, and we made tons of new connections. Plus, we held it at the place that we’re moving our bi-weekly Gathering to–now all those students know where to go.

I didn’t take any pictures (sorry, Mom), but here’s a pic of my co-costume with Elisa:

(We’re the Italian flag.)

And here’s a video I made for the party of two of my teammates showing off their costumes at the local mall:

Figure Skating

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  1. nice work.

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