Monthly Archives: November 2010


I can’t tell you how many times in America I’ve heard the phrase, “Christianity is not about religion; it’s about a relationship.” I like that sentiment, but, let’s be honest. Look around: holy text, weekly gatherings with worship and teaching, often a hierarchy of some kind, standards of belief and practice. This “relationship” looks suspiciously […]

China Update

Just a quick update: A.*, the Chinese guy I mentioned in my last post, invited Jon and I to speak in his class on Friday morning. We went and used our grammar lesson that we’d been using in some of our other classes, which might have been too easy for them, but they loved it […]

The Passion of China

Chinese people are some of the most intense people on the planet. And when they become intense for Jesus, it’s amazing. I have several Chinese friends who have just been blowing my mind recently. I spent over two hours a few days ago talking with one of them about different ideas of success. K* told […]


Well, I’ve been back in Central Asia for almost a week now and already a lot has happened. The biggest and most obvious thing is that I arrived in time for Halloween. While most people don’t celebrate it here, they definitely know about it. Going to the local bazaar to look for a costume will […]