Bringing Us Together

I haven’t left yet, but OMF has already begun in Central Asia! This past Friday, there was a small picnic to begin getting new students involved and to get the students from last year plugged in again. One of the students from last spring was there and began talking with Elisa, my fiancée.

She asked him if he’d been to OMF before. He replied, “Oh yeah, and I met Jon” (who was at the picnic) “and Scott–he’s not here. Do you know Scott?”

Elisa smiled and said, “Yeah, I know him pretty well.”

The student responded, “Scott’s a really open guy. He talks a lot sometimes. And he loves hockey. How do you know him?”

Elisa: “Well, he’s the guy I’m going to marry.”

The student was shocked, and almost didn’t believe her. “You? And Scott?” Finally Elisa showed him a picture of us, and he got incredibly excited and congratulated her.

“So how did you meet Scott?” he inquired. She explained about meeting in the dorms and getting to know each other through OMF.

The student looked thoughtful for a moment, then asked, “So OMF brought you together?”

Elisa smiled. “Yes it did.”

A big smile spread across his face. “That is great! That is so great!”

Who knew that me falling in love would help bring people closer to the Kingdom? Praise Jesus that OMF brings people together–Americans, Italians, Central Asians and Jesus.


  1. Awesome account! As much as we love having you within driving distance, we know the best spot for you right now is Central Asia. You’ve started great work there and we are excited for you to go and continue growing it.

    1. Thanks, man! BTW, I changed your comment to say “Central Asia” (and then changed my post to make sure it said “Central Asians”). I’m trying to make sure that’s the only term I use on here, so it’s harder to google it. :]

  2. :-) yep, OMF is awesome.

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