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Reflecting on the Past Eight Months of My Life… in Top Ten List Form!

Ten Things I’ll Miss About Central Asia

1. The food: Lagman, Beshbarmak, Ganfan, Baursak, Chok-chok, etc.
2. The public transportation system: The buses and taxis are a cheap, easy, and (usually) quick way to get across town. I’ve never lived somewhere with such a good public transportation system
3. Almost everything costing half or a quarter of the price of things in the US: A real dinner for $2.50? I’m so ruined to American prices

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Little Boxes

In the States we love to put things into nice, neat boxes. Liberals and Conservatives. High Class and Low Class. Black and White. Egalitarians and Complementarians. Calvinists and Arminians. Saved and Unsaved. This past week, I’ve had to rethink my love for little boxes and comfortable categories. On Tuesday, my roommate Jon and I met […]

Kyrgyzstan: Follow Jesus

“God have people be good. Have them follow Jesus.” I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with what’s happening in Kyrgyzstan. It’s okay if you haven’t. I honestly wouldn’t know anything about it if it weren’t a two-hour drive away from me. Last Wednesday, some rebels began fighting with police in Bishkek, the capital. […]