Let It Snow (And Other Short Stories)

First! Snow! Day!

One of the best things about Central Asia is (apparently) that its snow is epic. We already have an inch of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing. (On top of that, our teacher is out of town and couldn’t get a sub, so it turned into a legit snow day!) Woo!

Snow DayComing back from class after realizing the teacher wasn’t going to show up. Awesome!

In other news, I recently went to a Korean karaoke restaurant. It was pretty awesome. I butchered a few songs, and my friends joined in.

Karaoke(L to R) Me rockin’ out, Almira–a new friend who speaks French better than English, Brian–a teammate from Texas, and Jon–a teammate from Oklahoma (the last two are both my roomies)

Last week, I also played some games and roasted some hot dogs with a group from two different Uyghur churches. It was a blast, even though(almost) no one could speak any English.

HotdogI felt like I was at a Chi Alpha retreat! (Or maybe back in Boy Scouts.)

Two weeks ago, I went to an American football game. It was between the local team, in blue, and a team from one of the neighboring ‘stans in white. The local team, coached by my two roommates and friend Alex dominated them 36 to 12. It was awesome.

American FootballSome of you might recognize the white jerseys. They were donated to the white team by Evangel University in Springfield, where one of my teammates went to school.

And I don’t have a picture of this, but a couple weeks ago, a friend we met from Poland dared me and my roommate Jon (Elisa, our Italian friend, ended up coming, too) to eat dog with him at a Korean restaurant (a different one than the karaoke place). We did. It was actually kinda tasty, but I don’t plan on doing it again.

And here are a few more random pictures for your viewing pleasure:

MizzouYes, a Mizzou fan in Central Asia! He’s from Alabama (I believe), and went to a sports camp at Mizzou. But I’m counting it! Hat and shirt! This was taken at the American football game.

Don't smokeJon and I ran into an anti-smoking concert on campus, and so we rocked out. We were the only two people dancing, but it was awesome. Afterward, a few people wanted to take their pictures with us, including these two volunteers. People can’t talk to you about anything Life-giving unless you’re visible. The signs read, “We say no” (and then other words I don’t know, haha).

Kansas CityI saw this a few weeks ago. It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen since coming here…

Woman Driver…Except possibly this. Although not incredibly common, these stickers are placed on the backs of cars to indicate that this car contains a “female driver.” It reads, “Respect me!” There are also stickers like this to indicate student drivers and cars with small children in them.


  1. LOL! These pics are so great!

    Can I express how jealous I am about the snow? I will be running outside like a 5 year old when it snows here. i haven’t seen it for almost 2 years! so lucky you! :)

    isaac worked with that people group when he was in college a few years back; i bet he’ll be excited if he reads this post!

  2. These pics are awesome!
    Hooray for legit snow days!

  3. Awesome pics, Scott! Thanks for posting them. Evangel U. jerseys and Kansas City cars, and MU apparel…small world?

  4. Wonderful pics. As is said, they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Post more pics. Hummm…You have snow and we had kids swimming in outdoor pools last weekend. We are praying the warm spell hangs in for two more weeks. Small world, you bet. Car probably built in Japan, sold in K.C. shipped to Europe and now driven in Central Asia.

  5. JR. Forasteros · · Reply

    Your beard makes me proud. As does your mewithoutYou shirt. You can keep the snow; I don’t care what Tiff says :)

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