Monthly Archives: September 2009

Touch Your Toes

I’ve learned a few things while in Central Asia. I’ve learned that when I think I’ve gotten some Russian down pat, I’m probably saying it in a cute American way, and not the actual, correct way. I’ve learned that I need to ask before assuming something is milk. I’ve learned that everyone here knows how […]

One More Friend::ишо один друг

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’ve been in Central Asia for over three weeks. But I feel like I’ve come a long way from the starstruck, exhausted 23-year-old who stumbled off the plane almost a month ago. Since then I’ve learned over 200 Russian words or phrases (not so much on the grammar yet, haha). […]

Let’s Learn Russian #1

So, it’s been over two weeks since I left the States. This past week, I began my Russian classes here at the university. My Russian is still virtually non-existent, but the class is helping it increase exponentially. Although I’m sure that all of you are absolutely fluent in Russian, I thought you might want a […]