Lessons in Culture

I’ve been in Central Asia over a week now. I am by no means an expert on the culture. But in my short time here, I have noticed a few interesting things that are different than the States that you might find interesting. (You’ll notice many of them are traffic-related. I’ve been exploring the city a lot, haha.)

  • When a man comes up to a group of people where he only knows one of the men, he’ll shake his hand and the hand of every other male. Sometimes the women’s hands, but not typically.
  • Virtually anyone can be a taxi. You stand by the side of the road, stick your arm out, and a car, any car, will pull over. You negotiate a price and pile in.
  • Many of the traffic lights have numbered countdowns letting you know how long until the light changes. This needs to be instituted in the States! And the green light will flash a few times before changing to yellow.
  • The white dotted lines are not usually there, but when they are, they still don’t matter. I’m torn between loving the aggressive driving here and being terrified.
  • People drive on the right side of the road, just like back in the States. But British cars are cheap, so many people still sit on the left side of the car.

My classes start on Tuesday, so I’ll certainly have more interesting cultural observations soon.

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