First Day

Well, I’ve now been in Central Asia for about a day. I’m pretty tired, having gotten in at around 2:30AM last night, but I’m acclimating pretty well. I’m living in the dorms at the local university and classes don’t start for a couple weeks, so it’s just me and a few other American students from my team who are staying in the dorms at the moment. I’ll post some pictures soon.

Today, I went to the International Church, which is made up primarily of non-Central Asians/Russians, and English is spoken. Next week, I’ll be attending a native Church where I’ll likely understand very little because it will all be in Russian. :]  I’ve begun frantically trying to learn how to speak the language because, while there are some interpreters that we can use on our team, they’re not always around. I’ve already exponentially increased my ability to speak it since I got here, but that’s pretty easy when you come knowing about five words, haha.  Once I figure out how to put a Russian script on here, I’ll give a few easy Russian words and expressions so you can greet all of your multitude of Russian-speaking friends back in the States. ;]

This evening, I attending a Christian concert/evangelism outreach at a local Church with some members of my team.  The first two bands sang exclusively in Russian, but the last one was led by the daughter of a local American pastor, and she sang in English. A group from California was in this city for the week, and they led the evangelism portion, which was nice because they spoke English and then had a translator turn it into Russian.

God is good, and I’m so exciting about this coming school year!

Prayer Requests:

  • A couple members of my team are still support raising and so they won’t be able to make it out for orientation this Wednesday. Please pray that God provides them with the funds they need.
  • Pray that I pick up Russian quickly. It is hard to talk about God, or anything for that matter, when you can’t speak the language.
  • Pray that we make good connections with the fellow students in our dorms once they move in.


  1. Yay! Good to know you’ve arrived. Keep the updates coming!

  2. Scott, I’m so excited for you! good work learning more Russian and being diligent in doing that. i look forward to pictures and funny stories of you saying one thing in russian when you’re trying to say something different :). those are always good times. journal a lot! you’ll treasure looking back at the first few weeks….

    we love and miss you already a ton!

  3. Hey Scott,
    It’s good to hear from you. I’m glad you have some time to settle in before everyone gets there. Keep working hard. I think you’ll be surprised what can be communicated non-verbally (though speaking is great too).
    Love you.

  4. Danielle LaFont · · Reply

    Yeah Scott!! I’m so happy for you! I will keep you in my prayers!
    Here’s a link to some free Russian fonts. Hope it helps!! :D
    -i’m kinda a fontaholic, if you need any others holla at me! :D

  5. Danielle, I downloaded those fonts awhile back, and unfortunately, they’re only faux-Russian. But thanks!

    1. Danielle LaFont · · Reply

      Awe Snap! Sorry Scott! If I come along something else I’ll let you know!! :D

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