Yard Sale Success!

The yard sale this past weekend was a fantastic success! We’d been praying about it all week, and I know many of you prayed for it, too. On Friday, people showed up around 45 minutes early (a couple actually even came by 2 hours early!), which we were fine with. Part of being a missionary, after all, is learning to be flexible when plans change, and so we were more than happy to begin the basement sale a little sooner. Friday was packed with people, and Saturday had even more! (Thankfully, no one showed up at 6AM on Saturday like we feared!) On Saturday, the weather was quite hot, but people still came out anyway, which I think is a testament to God’s provision.

When all was said and done, a lot of our basement was cleared out (praise Jesus!) and we’d made even more money for my trip than I’d expected! Isn’t it amazing how we have expectations for how much God will provide for us, and He continually defies our low expectations for Him?

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